Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You've got questions. I've got answers.

1. Fractured the head of my humerus.
2. Playing ice hockey.
4. It was a parent/son scrimmage with Sasquatch's team.
5. Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! Don't start on the age thing!
6. I was making a spectacular diving defensive move.
7. No, I don't know if the guy scored.
8. Well, I was kind of busy flopping around on the ice like a seal with one flipper and a seizure disorder.
9. Not immediately, but I was pretty sure there was a problem when, after the game, my brain started playing involuntary word association when I tried to pick things up with that arm.
sock : vicodin!
car key : demerol!
curly fry : morphine!
purse : general anesthesia!
10. Two weeks.
11. In a New York minute. I had a blast.


Mostly Sunny said...

Is our mother going to see this and freak out??? I don't want to have to come to your defense, so you better tell her soon! :) That poor woman's had all she can handle for one month. Hope you're feeling fine and that Demerol has kicked in. I guess YOU'LL be having a very "happy" New Year's Eve. :)

TC said...

M. Sunny: Nah, the pain killers aren't touching it. Hubster says he'll give me a bullet to bite on.

Mostly Sunny said...

Hmmm. But to every cloud there is a silver "I can't cook now" lining.

Energyfree said...

Me reading your blog:Find out if he scored! The suspense is killing me!

Forget the Demerol--go strait for Oxycodone. I'm not a Dr. or a druggie--just had enough post surgical pain to know :-)

BTW, good idea getting all this kind of stuff out of the way immediately for 2009! (Praying for a very uneventful, quick recovery.)

Bullet said...

Dementor hand... O.o

Keeley said...

You go, girl! Hope the other guy looked worse. =)

Also hope you got the pain killers you so desperately needed.

Also hope your kids now do all laundry, cooking, and cleaning for you. =)

TobyBo said...

oh. my.