Saturday, December 6, 2008

For the mother-in-law who has everything.

(I don't make this stuff up. This was an actual advertisement from our local Dirtville newspaper.)


Junosmom said...

Maybe I can follow through with that threat they'll only get coal for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

They know a way to a gal's heart!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I would really love a couple of loads of fill, and maybe one each of gravel and topsoil...we have some massive landscape challenges to address here! Perhaps I should forward this to my adult kids...hmmmmm

Mostly Sunny said...

I actually really do need a load of tanbark. Do they deliver to PA?

Robin said...

I so have to laugh at this! Primarily because we custom harvest silage so we have two semi's, and we haul gravel and fly ash in the winter; sometimes.

We generally just haul shit (compost...but let's face it, it's manure) and as much as I try to make a christmas gift out of it, I can't! "Give someone of gift of shit this season"? C'mon, it was an election year, got enough to that don't we?!

My Grandfather on Dad's side was a Pentecostal preacher (your one light bulb comment cracked me up!) and mY Grandpa on My Mom's side was a Primmitive Baptist Deacon.

I was confused...and buddhist by the age of 11 (such a precocious child!) But I've lived in those dichotomous lives during my "fragile" upbringing! I feel your pain!

Nice to meet ya!

Sue said...

Wow! There is really something for everyone.

I have given you an award over at my blog. I love coming here for a good laugh!