Monday, October 6, 2008

Another one of those little gaps in our homeschool curriculum

This morning, Danger Boy was relating what he learned at a church youth program last night.

"The pastor was talking about when the apostle John denied Christ three times. And then, later in his life, John was circumcised. Or crucified. Or something like that."

Thank God this child isn't planning a career as a pediatrician. His practice would go downhill faster than a fat kid in silicone snow pants, the first time he asked some new parents, "Do you plan to have your son crucified?" And there's not enough malpractice insurance in the world to cover a doctor's note that reads, "Patient was crucified after the administration of a local anesthetic."


Gwendolyn said...

Oh, my goodness! Yes, that would be, um...bad.

energyfree said...

Well, maybe if he just went under the name "Dr. Danger" that would cover some of the bases! Might have trouble getting any patients (other than ADHD kids that is ;-P)


Keeley said...

Hahahaha! That's fantastic! =D

Your son is brilliant. =)

Amanda said...

I thought of you today. I was reading our local paper and there is a town festival this weekend. there will be cricket spitting. Nuff said.


Junosmom said...

That's an understandable mistake -
circumsized/crucified. Both start with a "c", right? At least he'll get an "A" in phonics.

Dawn said...

I rarely get through one of your entries without laughing so hard that tears stream down my face.

This one was no exception!

shipra said...

oh no, we definitely done want THAT to happen.

Susan in Elk Grove, CA said...

Actually, it was Peter who denied Christ 3 times. So I guess that means he would crucify the WRONG PATIENT!!!!

sandi said...

yeah, I have one of those kids, too...she was trying to say "knuckle" and it came out "nipple" instead. And one day we were eating at a chinese buffet, with little baby octopus, and I need not tell you what she said in lieu of "tentacle". And Loudly. And two times in a row. ouch.