Monday, September 29, 2008

Introducing Skippy

Well, life has gotten pretty busy since Skippy the Wonder Pug came to live at our house a couple of weeks ago.

Skippy has two speeds: Heat-Seeking Missile, and Comatose. The above photo was taken on his first day at our house, when he was shocked into immobility for, oh, 15 minutes. I think he has grown since then, but it's hard to tell because when I see him, he's a little fawn-colored, snorting blur.

Fortunately, his target is usually The Menace, our basset hound with a hyperactivity disorder and a miniscule bladder. Skippy's favorite trick is to let The Menace chase him under the bed. The Menace, whose brain is approximately the size of a soybean, will then stick her head under the bed, and Skippy, who has been waiting for this exact opportunity, nips her right in the nose. The Menace yelps, backs up, realizes Skippy is still hiding, and then thrusts her head under the bed again. This is a game that could go on for hours, were it not for The Menace's need for frequent potty breaks. I guess that with all the excitement, her bladder shrinks to a size that can only be seen with a high-powered microscope.

Skippy's other favorite activity is to eat anything but the $25 worth of puppy chow I purchased for him. I'm trying to have a good attitude about this habit, though. I figure I can tell my friends, "Hey, you've heard about that elephant who painted? And that gorilla who could use sign language? Well, check this out. Our new puppy has eaten a DVD remote, a cell phone, two CD cases, a Playstation controller, and several newspapers. He's going to be the dog that poops multi-media presentations."


Anonymous said...

He's so cute, and you are so hilarious! We miss you at church. Hockey season better be good!

Amanda said...

I love pugs!!! We have two and they are the most rotten creatures on the planet only second to my three boys. Skippy is precious. :)

Keeley said...

Oh my good gravy, what a cute little pug! =)

Good luck surviving puppydom. =)

How's your house, btw? Everything going ok with the repairs etc?

Mostly Sunny said...

Cool! Way cooler than ours. She eats cat poop. And that's just the appetizer. She's also eaten a dvd remote, the couch cushion, many, many, many stuffed animals (at least 2 dozen), 3 pairs of flipflops, one pair of leather sandals, the corners of my curtains, the corner of my blanket, the corners of my pillows, the corner of the end table, etc. I should have named her Obtuse or Acute because she definitely hates right angles.

Katy said...

Skippy is ADORABLE!

Miriam said...

Too cute! You describe pugs perfectly! We have a 4 year old pug and now a boston terrier puppy. Such fun!

JustJan said...

I got my dad a pug as a present about 20 years ago. Great dog, but stubborn doesn't really cover it.

The day I brought her home my sister took one horrified look at it and said, "is it always going to look like THAT." I still laugh thinking about that.