Thursday, May 29, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Crappy Skull Prop

My kids took me to see "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" on Memorial Day. I'm going to hold off on my personal thoughts about the movie, so as not to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but I did want to say this.

Mr. Spielberg must have been running out of budget money when he got to the part where he had to have a crystal skull prop, so he hired the creative genius of Herkie & Dale, two guys who work down at our local Taco Tico. That skull looks like somebody's leftover plastic Halloween yard decor, stuffed with a big wad of aluminum foil.

I hear another Indiana Jones sequel is in the works. Watch for the Dollar Store to be named in the credits under "Special Effects Department."


Antelope said...

Another one?! You're kidding me! That's so totally awesome!! I loved it. My mom and I went to see it Sunday night. But you are right about that skull - I was kinda wondering what was in it...

I guess you know my opinion on the movie...did "Prince Caspian" receive such a scathing review from you as well?

Until I comment again... =D

Sue said...

I'm totally with you on this. If you're going to make a blockbuster movie, spend the extra coin to make a convincing-looking crystal skull...

Keeley said...

My husband and I spend the INSANE amounts of cash it takes to go to the movies these days, and went to see Indiana Jones IV on Friday.

After the movie my husband turned to me and said:

"I can't believe the incredible amounts of cheese I was just forced to injest."

Ahh yes. IJIV - it channeled The A-Team in some (many) parts of the film... =D =D

But it was an ok film nonetheless.

Didja notice Shia LaBeouf? (Doesn't LaBeouf mean "The Beef" in French?) He's come a long way from Even Stevens - I loved that show! First to a bit part in I Robot, then to a supporting role in IJIV and I noticed he has a starring role in some film or other coming out in a couple of months. Pretty cool! =)

Hope all is well with your house? And your children?

Anonymous said...

I too was surprised that they used a halloween prop with a wad of tinfoil inside ! At first, I thought that was the reason that it was magnetic. Then I realized that tin is not magnetic.
I also wondered if the director got mixed up and forgot what movie they were filming when Junior went swinging thru the trees like Tarzan.
My boys loved it. I liked the popcorn and the air-conditioning.