Friday, March 7, 2008

You kids are gonna learn something, dang it!

One of the benefits of homeschooling is the plethora of opportunities for what we homeschool parents like to call "teachable moments." I'm a big believer in teachable moments. My kids, not so much. They claim that they can't fart without me making it a lesson on the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system. They say I'm the only mom they know who can turn taking out the trash into a field trip.

WhatEVer. Communists.

Anyway. Our part of Texas received an abundance of snow this week, which is something extremely unusual. It's kind of like Nebraska getting hit by a tidal wave. Or StuffMart running out of pork rinds and 4XL black polyester stretch pants. Unheard of.

Of course, my teachable moments antenna were quivering with excitement, so we had some outdoor lessons.

1. We trained a couple of our dogs for next year's Iditarod race in Alaska.

What? You've never seen an elderly, one-eyed pug and a Basset hound pull a dog sled? It could happen.

2. We practiced cave living, a skill that might come in handy after next November's presidential elections.

And then, when our electric power went out for a while, I demonstrated how to heat up canned chili on our wood stove. You'd think this would have impressed my children, but no. Their fear of my cooking knows no bounds. It scares them when I spread peanut butter on crackers. So they were more than a little worried about how they were going to endure the next few meals (or lack thereof). When the power finally came back on, 14-year-old FashionBug saw the blinking digital clock on the microwave and cried out in great relief, "YES! We're going to live!"

Ah. Another teachable moment: Appropriate apologies to yell through the window when your mother locks you out of the house.


Stephanie said...

Go, puppies, go!

See? The old groundhog knew what he was dodging after all.

Shouldn't that new microwave have come with a generator, so as to continue working in the unfortunate event of a power outage? Maybe your Mr. Fixit hubby could work on installing one of those.

Nice snow cave. It's probably nearly melted by now, though--right?

:)De said...

You are gonna have to start charging admission because your post are pure entertainment. LOL. I love teachable moments too and can do a unit study packet in 10 minutes flat! Just let some naturally occuring event catch my eye... the children run and hide.

Shelley said...

The cave lesson may prove very valuable indeed, as I do think that is where we will wind up going after November. How many cans of chili will we need to make it for 4 years...and do you think we can somehow take the gas produced from living in a cave with only canned chili and somehow turn it into a power source?

Ms.Nesbit said...

Dear TC,

I like your blog, you have a great sense of humor. :)

My dogs have already pulled our old sled up and down our street. To the utter embarrassment of the whole neighborhood, considering one of the dogs is a poodle and the other is part chihuahua....

By the way I'm Ms.Nesbit.



Mostly Sunny said...

How weird is it that TX has gotten more snow this year than PA?

Big Bryce was up in Alaska and saw the Iditarod, but he didn't mention seeing you there. I'll look carefully at his pics and see if I can pick you out. ;) You know, if that sled-pulling thing works out, you may have a cheap form of transportation to use instead of diesel!

Chris said...

wow u guys got as much as we did! but we did get it more than once...

Keeley said...

Hahahaha!!!! I just about wet myself reading this entry aloud to my children. Oh my good gravy, your pug is SOOOO dang cute in the snow. I wanted to scoop him up and hug him, except I have a morbid fear of dog hair and so couldn't do that really. And he's one-eyed? How did that happen?

Mark said...

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