Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Curse you, "Sing, Spell, Read, & Write!"

I've had a revelation. It dawned on me exactly when I lost control around here. It was when I taught my kids to read.

See, it doesn't take long, once a kid can read, that he gets twice as smart as his parents. One day he's working his way through The Cat In The Hat, and a week later, he's making subversive messages with those plastic letter refrigerator magnets: "DOWN WITH OPPRESSIVE BEDTIMES! STOP THE TYRANNY!"

And then they learn to spell, and from that point it all goes to hell in a handbasket. No more can you say to Hubster over your dinner of Beanie Weenies, "Tomorrow's agenda includes a f-i-e-l-d t-r-i-p," because your five-year-old will pipe up, "Well, I hope it's not to the dumb ol' zoo, 'cause I really would rather go to the jet propulsion laboratory. I have an idea for an experiment I'd like to discuss with the engineers." So you're left sitting there, dumbstruck, thinking that maybe you've been right all along - Beanie Weenies really do aid in brain development. But you look over at Hubster and he's still mentally working on "f-i-e-l-d..." and you realize it's not the Beanie Weenies that created this scary, midget brainiac, it's books.

And don't think for one minute that you can avoid the same consequences with the younger children. Oh no. The older ones will teach the babies the communist power of books, and at that point, your reign as Sovereign Parent is o-ver like last year's American Idol.
Pretty soon you'll be getting notes written with blue crayon that say, "No more tuna casserole. For both ethical and health reasons, I have become a vegan. Research findings available upon request."

In summary, I have only myself to blame. I'm the one that encouraged their reading habit. But for some of you younger mothers, it's not too late. All you have to do is enroll your kindergartener in public school. I have it on good authority that most of the kids coming out of our public schools can't read their way out of a tin can labeled "b-e-a-n-i-e w-e-e-n-i-e-s."


Anonymous said...

Yup, once they learn phonics, the spelling out doesn't work. It is amazing how quickly they can keep up, no matter how fast you spell.

And watch out pointing out things of interest when driving. Next thing, they are complaining because they don't want to go wherever it is you are driving, in spite of the fact that you did NOT tell them where you were going. Maddie knows how to get to her favorite Mexican restaurant among other places. And a detour near our house had her quite concerned. And all this at age 4.

Netherfieldmom said...

So true. So true. Another big mistake is English cinema. Our whole family says "avert your gaze" and "are you not di-verted?" It's hard not to get smug. ;)

LadyMother said...

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Miss Meg

Mostly Sunny said...

OOOO, man, them's fightin' words. Did you just slam reading AND public schools all in one blog?
A-hem, I am a READING specialist in a PUBLIC school. Okay, so I've gotten that off my chest and I respect yoour opinion, even if it is wrong. :) Truly, I am NOT offended. And you know I love you dearly, my seester!!

TobyBo said...

yep. And you can just forget slipping any pig latin past my dh. The kids always got it before he did, even before books.

Keeley said...

Haha, brilliant! =D =D

Mostly Sunny said...

Hey, I just heard on the news that George W. and wife are moving to Dallas after his presidency. If you run into him at StuffMart, please give him my regards.

Antelope said...

Cute pictures! I assume their yours? Bunhead and IceJet?


Debi said...

Yeah, once they learn to do that we parents have to get much more creative in order to be sneaky don't we?

And man, you slammed PS big time, sad that it's based somewhat in truth, that many of our kids graduate unable to read or fill out a simple job application. Here in Memphis we're just worried about our kids surviving the day. I'm thankful I am able to live where my kids aren't in the city schools here. But I digress..

I guess learning sign language is out of the question?

Chris said...

see my rants never had that prob...i never did learn how to spell :)

Ottawa Gardener said...

Teaching math has its downfalls too like they stop believing you that you only need 'special money' for the rides at the mall.

But mom it says 1 dollar, that's four quarters, and I saw five in your purse this morning when...

Bedtime mom? But it's only 7.40 and my bedtime is 8. I counted by five mom, did you notice?

Yes darling... I did.

Anonymous said...

I am also a Reading Specialist in Public School, who USES Sing, Spell, Read & Write with First Graders. If only, all schools would use this powerful program! You're right, the kids learn, ALL of them even the slow ones! And their spelling is incredible...
To see more about Sing, Spell, Read & Write and Sue Dickson, that incredible author, go to
Thanks for this blog, it's VERY cute!
Christine D'Amico, Reading Specialist, Brooklyn NY