Wednesday, October 31, 2007

That Tag Thing

My new friend, Keeley, asked me to do the "7 Things About Me" tag, and I'm starting to worry about how boring I'm becoming, because it took me over an hour to think up this list.

1. I had a dream last night that I was peeling potatoes, and when I woke up, my hands were cramped and sore. I sort of hoped that I'd been sleepwalking and had made myself some hash browns for breakfast. Alas, no.

2. I frequently dream about public bathrooms. I really hope I'm not sleepwalking when these occur.

3. I am finally pursuing a lifelong dream of learning Russian, thanks to Rosetta Stone.

4. I have this thing about pens. I bet I own at least 50, and half of them are in my purse, which explains why it weighs enough to qualify for bariatric surgery.

5. I am obsessive compulsive about weird things. Like today, I organized my stash of gift bags.

6. Yesterday I rented the PS2 game, "Ratatouille," for ME to play.

7. I don't know if I'd like to drive a Smart car, or just adopt one as a pet.

So now I'm supposed to tag 7 more people, and I'm going to choose a bunch of my buds here at blogger: Supernatural, Mostly Sunny, Sydney, Hope Grace, Tiffany, Karen, & Linda.


lillinda said...

I lost your email address. How'd I do that? anyway this is not a comment on Tags. As you will see. please email me again. I promise not to give it to any Nulite Window Company employees ! LOL

While you were commenting on my "Grandma" post. I was composing one on my Granpa.
Thanks for commenting.
Fall is my favorite time of year and it seems that's when I bring up old memories.
I come from a big close-knit family and because of their closeness, I had a carefree, wonderful childhood. I am very blessed.
I hope you enjoy my blog. I don't really know why I write it except I guess it is good therapy LOL. I have several times, decided to scrap it but every once in a while I get the urge to connect to total strangers and let them have a glimpse in my world. I started to say that was strange but i guess there's lots of strange people out there that are doing the same thing !
I really do enjoy your sense of humor and if you lived next door, I'm sure I would borrow sugar and coffee from you ocassionally. We'd swap stories about our children ( and once in a while I'd GIVE you mine !!).
Anyway, You brighten my day. Well mostly night because that's usually when i read you.
Love ya, Linda

Chris said...

haha i like ur 50 Cent quote :)

yep and don't worry bout what i eat lol i am lossing so many pounds, it is crazy

Tiffany said...

Oh wow TC! I've been tagged! Yeah! I gotta find time today to do it!

{Kayla} said...

Dear Child at Heart.
You tag is quite amusing...we don't have any video games the game for me then will ya. I don't think your friend got a blog on here..and it would mean so much if you would go comment her!!!
Her blog is

Much Love!
p.s. Tyler says you talk(ed) about me......should I be worried???

{Kayla} said...

hmmm...check my blog you have a tag...yes another tag!!!

Supernatural said...

grr... tagged again. lol.

haha, sorry, but i'm kinda commenting so I can login easier. Don't want you to feel like i'm using you or anything... ;) jk, jk!


p.s. thanks for the candy.