Monday, October 15, 2007

Short term .... what was I saying?

You've probably heard the expression, "Insanity is contagious. You get it from your kids." Well, I'm beginning to wonder if short-term memory loss is catching, and if I got it from my daughter's dog. Every morning, our elderly, one-eyed, deaf, fat pug named Dewey (yeah, I know - we should have named him Lucky) seems to forget that he just inhaled his food, and sits patiently by his bowl, looking expectantly for breakfast. It's like doggie Alzheimer's or something. Which would be bad if a particular breed got it - Weimereiner's Alzheimer's.

Anyway. I realized last week that I had totally forgotten to announce this month's winner of the Grace and Peace Award!

I'm pleased to present Graced from My Back Porch. (Not MY back porch. HER back porch.) Alli, who nominated her, said, "I am thankful for the honesty she gives with a big dose of strong and sound Biblical challenges." As I read over her blog entries, I was impressed with the depth of her spiritual insight, yet she doesn't come across as holier-than-thou or in any way superior to her readers. In fact, in her acceptance of the award, Graced said, "It is only by God's amazing grace that I have any grace or peace at all. I would love to accept this award on His behalf." You've got to love someone that humble.

Congratulations, Graced!

As always, I will keep previously nominated blogs in the running for future months, but feel free to send me new names/blogs. Click on the icon on my sidebar to be taken to the post where I outlined the qualifications.


CrossView said...

I'm reading through her site now and I'm hooked! =D

Chris said...

Heyo i used to have the same prob as the dog....till i got fat lol yep then i stopped that

B&B said...

Short term memory loss...OK, I can't comment as my spouse has asked me not to 'talk' about life with his mother (80 something)over the internet. I'm thinking that I really need to find a support group, lol, as she seems to have a few things in common with your dog.

Now that Hockey player IS REALL CUTE! So have you introduced him to your daughter yet?

And I really appreciate the heads up on the non working magic piggy. If it worked, I'd buy one for each hand!

How's Flat Stanley's campaign coming along?