Sunday, September 2, 2007

Testing... testing... one, two, three... Is this thing on?

On the List of Things No One Tells You When You Sign Your Child Up For Hockey: You will henceforth spend every major national holiday getting up at 4:30 a.m. to go sit on butt-numbing bleachers in an ice rink for a 3-day tournament, while your friends are water skiing at the lake. (Thank you, Canada.)

Anyway. I have two things to say.

Big Announcement Number One: The inagural winner of the Grace and Peace Award is a mother of many, whose children are a testimony to the gracious home in which they've been raised. Her blog is a soothing place that is warm and inviting and accepting. Please go congratulate Jewels, from Eyes of Wonder. As the person who nominated her said, "She emanates grace and peace from every pore." What a witness to the love of God!

Reminder: Please continue to send in your nominations for next month's award. I will keep the names of previously nominated bloggers for future consideration.

Big Announcement Number Two: Work is underway on my new blog, and I'd love it if you would stop in to look at it and give me your feedback. Go here, and then comment me (either here or there). It still needs much work, but I hope to have it mostly up and running by the end of September. I'm very excited about the upcoming move and hope to have a few Grand Opening promotions and maybe even some prizes. Stay tuned.

And now I must go do some laundry. Four-thirty tomorrow morning will be bad enough, without having to be confronted by hockey jerseys that smell like they've been worn by someone who heats up his Beanie Weenies under an overpass on the Garden State Parkway.

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