Monday, September 24, 2007

Pirates and yogurt and Stanley - oh my!

First, some notes on this year's Talk Like a Pirate Day festivities.

1. Rock 'n' Roll Daddy (formerly known as My Husband) got into the pirate spirit immediately by coming to the table and announcing, "Get me my food, wench!" Then I got into the pirate spirit by threatening to feed him maggoty bread and water. Then we almost got into the Jerry Springer spirit, but we were distracted by the dog puking up a toad carcass into the open dishwasher.

2. I was in the grocery store late in the day, and as I approached the dairy aisle, I was suddenly overcome with pirateness. I don't know what triggered it; maybe it was the realization that I was going to be a victim of thievery when I reached the checkout lane ($5.39 for a gallon of MILK?!). Or maybe it was just that I needed yogurt, and the word "acidophilous" sounds like a 16th century name to me. "Pirates seized the ship of Lord Acidophilous Pennywiggle of Digestishire, England." Whatever. I headed for the yogurt and let out a rather boisterous "ARRRRR!"

Then I noticed the young man stocking the shelves 4 feet away.

While I was trying to make my choices among 134 varieties of yogurt - and none of them rum flavored! - this young man kept looking at me out of the corner of his eye. Finally he said to me, in a "I'm concerned about you elderly folks" tone, "Do you need some help?" Of course, I knew that he didn't mean did I need help finding yogurt. No, he was asking me, in the most politically correct way, "Would you like assistance to the aisle where we stock the straightjackets?" Puh. As if I wouldn't know that the straightjackets are right next to the BandAids and corn removers. I glared at him from under my eye patch and moved on.

At least this year I had a friend to celebrate with. My good buddy, Stanley, really got into the party mood.

Stanley also had a big night at the ballet on Friday. I took him (and my daughter, Princess Bunhead, and her friend, Osprey) to see the North Texas Ballet Theater production of Coppelia. This is a photo of Stanley on the outdoor balcony, near one of the giant granite angels that adorn Bass Performance Hall.
Bunhead designed his suit.

Oh, and here's Bunhead, in Vanna White mode, which is pretty much any time a camera is pointed in her direction.

My children have an exciting week planned for Stanley. I don't know the specifics, but my son, Mr. Danger, has dressed Stanley in camo. This should be interesting. Stay tuned.


CrossView said...

I love that Stanley has enough couth to know how to dress. He's looking quite snazzy at the ballet.

Though he does look to sweet to make a fierce pirate. (Sorry Stan!)

Chris said...

ok yeah i wrote ua great comment and then this dang thing wouldn't post it so here's try #3

bubbebobbie said...

My oh my!
What an adventure.
If Camo is the theme for the week He may need to brush up on his training first. There is a new series on PBS called "The War"

Make sure you set up a mobile clinic.

Because of Jesus, Bobbie


Mostly Sunny said...

That was just tooooo funny! Okay, so you're making up for all those years you made me cry (well, maybe I was a bit of a wimp). BTW, is there such a thing as rum yogurt, and if not, why? It might make breakfast the most interesting meal of the day!

carrielouise said...

I like your new digs. You took your time, though, didn't you??

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see Stanley getting some special time. :)
Do you think the camo is a sign that they are going to play war and blow him up...don't mean to scare you but that is all that came to my mind.
~Christina aka giggles3 at HSB