Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I hope he didn't delete "70's Gold Disco Tuba Tunes."

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Three or four years ago, Husband came to me with information on a new device called an "iPod." "Look at these!" he exclaimed. "If I got one of these 40G iPods, it would store all the music I'd ever own."

I fell for it. He got the iPod.

In the many months since, the man has made it his personal mission to acquire every song ever written by any human, animal, vegetable, or mineral in world history. I think the only two CDs we are lacking is "Yanni Sings Ancient Egyptian Funeral Chants" and "Chinese Music to Celebrate the Year of the Ptarmigan." (I don't even know what a ptarmigan is; I've just always wanted to use that word on my blog.)

So I was only mildly surprised when he came to me last week and announced, "I have a Big Problem." Now, Husband's Big Problems usually run the gamut from running out of his favorite beverage, to needing a new Venison-scented air freshener for the car, to not being able to find his favorite pair of underwear (the one with the waistband stretched out in all the right places). But this Big Problem was of epic proportions. He glumly announced, "I have to take some music off my iPod to make room for new stuff."

I knew what was coming next.

"I could really use one of those new 60G iPods. It would hold all the music I could ever own." (This is where I was supposed to mentally hear sad violin music in the background. Instead, I could only imagine the "ka-ching, ka-ching" sound of a cash register, in harmony with Yanni.)

Here's the thing. The man has so much music, he's way past the whole pod concept. What he needs is an iSteamerTrunk.

And then he'll need the accessory iDolly to make it mobile. Ka-ching.

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