Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Passport, Part IV: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. And The End.

The passports arrived with days to spare. This was not only a good thing, it was an amazing thing. My optimism about the federal government has been restored. Don't worry - the IRS will soon squash that like a bug.

Princess BunHead's best friend, whom we had planned to visit in MI, abruptly ended their friendship. This was a thing badly done, but which ultimately proved to be very good for Princess BH, especially spiritually.

A fourth team entered the tournament late, and Sasquatch's team finished.... dead last. This was a very bad thing, because Sasquatch 1) is a fierce competitor, and 2) loves Canada and thinks the stork should have dropped him there instead of in Texas.

Total cost of getting three now unnecessary passports:

37 new gray hairs

1.4 years taken off my life due to stress


Mondo ugly.

The moral to this story? How about this: Life is full of surprises. When a good one comes your way, revel in it and be thankful. As for the bad ones? Learn from them. Grow. Then shake the dust from your feet and move on. And for those really ugly ones, I recommend a box of haircolor, chocolate, and a sense of humor. And then more chocolate. It also helps to have a prayer warrior for a mom.

(Hi, Mom! I didn't really mean that about Sophia Loren. You're the greatest! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

The End

Epilogue: Sasquatch's team is going to a tournament in Phoenix in February. This is a very good thing. I much prefer warm weather over snow and ice, and anyway, my puffy winter coat makes me look fat.

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