Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Funnies

Oh my stars, you people have had me laughing lately.

This morning it started with Chris, whose "Tip of the Day" was just over the top. He's a pretty witty fifteen year old.

Then I came across a blog with the hilarious title of, "Like I Need One More Thing To Do." Read Jaybird's little blog entry from early December and see if you don't agree with her.

Oh, and while you're out there, stop in at Underdog's blog and read his post on Tickle Me Elmo. I vote to make him CEO of Mattel. (Read the rest of his stuff, too. It's all good.)

Jengresak's blog is always good for a laugh. Your slide show worries me a little bit, though, Jen. I think you should give your adorable kids something else to play with besides dirt.

Don't forget to share the joy. This evening, my daughter & I saw a photo on HSB that fueled an inside family joke, and we fell into gales of hysterical laughter together. There's just something about gasping for breath with someone else that brings you closer together, don't you think?

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