Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cold. And wet.

It's precipitating again in north Texas. We are going to get our yearly allotment of moisture in the next three months and then see not a drop of rain until January 2008. This means, of course, that until early May, the entire area will be one giant mud bowl.

So. In keeping with this being a homeschooling site and all, I have written a weather related quiz. See how well you do.

  1. If a minivan accumulates 3.9 pounds of dirt and grime per day, how much dirt will accumulate if the owner does not wash her van until April 1st?

  2. A dog with three legs tracks into the house 25% less mud than a dog with four legs. True or false?

  3. A pothole with a diameter of 12 inches grows by 2 inches per day. What model of vehicle will be able to disappear into the pothole after 30 days?

  4. The additional H2O falling into local lakes will make catfish actually taste edible. True or false?

  5. How many ounces of hair styling products will TC need to keep from looking like a limp, wet muskrat died on her head?



  1. 273 pounds. Ten bonus points if you also said, "Throw some seeds on the roof of that sucker and you could have fresh tomatoes by May."

  2. False. The three legged dog will decide to drink out of the nastiest mud puddle on the driveway and come into the house dripping gritty dirt off her chin and ears.

  3. Chevy Suburban.

  4. False. Nothing will ever make catfish taste edible.

  5. 105 ounces, or 13.12 pounds. Ten bonus points if you correctly pointed out that TC's hair actually looks more like a dead beaver than a muskrat.



80-100%: You obviously live in north Texas. Can you recommend a good styling gel?

60-80%: You have visited north Texas in the late winter/early spring, and you still have the caked-on mud on your shoes to prove it.

40-60%: You can find Texas on a map of the United States, and you're pretty sure that muskrats are brown.

20-40%: You actually like the flavor of catfish. You probably went to public school in Louisiana.

0-20%: You are still trying to figure out what "precipitating" means.

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