Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pardon my culinary ignorance.

Sasquatch & I are headed off to southern Louisiana on Friday for a fun-filled weekend of hotel living, restaurant dining, and ice-hockey playing/cheering. (Sasquatch will be playing, I'll be screaming - er, cheering.) An aside to Canadian readers: I completely agree with you. Ice hockey near Baton Rouge is surely a sign of the apocolypse.

The host team has graciously invited us to dine with them on Saturday night, and therein lies my dilemma. They will serve gumbo, which will include "chicken, sausage, tasso, etc." Chicken I'm good with. Sausage I know. But what in the name of the Food Network is "tasso?!" It sounds like the back end of a crayfish, or crawdad, or whatever Cajuns call those creepy little lobster wanna-be's. And I'm almost afraid to find out what "etc" is. "Etc" could be anything from broiled gator lips to blackened armadillo tail.

So here's the challenge for the HomeschoolBlogger community. Leave me a comment and tell me what tasso is. If you don't know, guess. Or make something up. I will send a random commenter a random Louisiana-ish gift. I promise it won't be broiled gator lips.

Unless the store is all out of chocolate covered okra.

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