Friday, August 4, 2006

Just send money.

One of our fellow homeschool bloggers, Underdog, who just happens to be a dad, has a brilliant idea. Read all about it here, then send sponsorship money. At the very least, he needs an HSB shirt to wear during the event.

Underdog also has some pretty funny pictures on his blog. Be sure to scroll down through some of his posts. Gosh, homeschooling parents are really a strange breed.

Take this email I recently received from a homeschooling mom who lives around the corner from me. She has 4 very young children, which explains both her resourcefulness and her desperation:

"We weren't able to attend _____ Camp this year, but we are having cooking lessons at home (I'm trying to work myself out of a job). We don't have chefs' hats, so we're wearing white underwear on our heads."

I suppose there's a good Fruit of the Loom joke in there somewhere.

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