Friday, June 9, 2006

I've got one nerve left, and they're stepping on it.

I had intended to write something interesting today, but instead I'm just sitting here in a stupor, feeling like a tabby cat that's been dragged around by the tail all day. My kids have worn me down to a half a nub.

I thought bedtimes were supposed to get easier as children get older. Ha! It takes nearly two hours to urge, cajole, argue, and convince my teens and adolescents that they really do need sleep. Gosh, it's like wrestling a herd of Tasmanian devils - by the time it's over, I'm covered in teeth marks and they're foaming at the mouth. It really sets the stage for sweet dreams of family harmony when the last words my kids hear at night is, "I'd better not hear that basketball hit the ceiling one more time, or you're going to be grounded for eternity while I run off to Brazil! And I'm taking the dogs, the computer, and the cell phone with me!"

Exhausted sigh. Am I the only mother who struggles with this?

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