Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What's a mother to do?

I have a dilemma. Over the course of the last few months, through many emails and phone conversations, I've become acquainted with a fellow blogger here at HomeschoolBlogger. I'll call him Handsome Young Man, or HYM for short. My dilemma is, I don't know if I like HYM or not.

Here's some of what I've learned about HYM and his character.

1. He's a Christian and is active in his church.

2. He's well-liked in his church and community.

3. He's industrious.

4. He has a good sense of humor and isn't afraid to laugh at himself.

5. He's a rabid Detroit Pistons fan (a definite negative, but one that can be overlooked).

6. He's gregarious and converses easily with people of any age.

So, you're thinking, what's not to like? Here are my two reasons. Read them and see if you wouldn't agree.

1. He's interested in my teenage daughter, and

2. She's interested in him.


Truthfully, it's not that I dislike HYM. In fact, I think of him with parental fondness. What I don't like is that this stage of my life has somehow snuck up on me. How did this happen??

Wasn't it just a month ago my daughter was a lisping two-year-old, who wanted nothing more than a ballet tutu and "a pink car with thparkelth on it?" Wasn't it just a short while ago that she was a determined four-year-old, who announced to her grandparents, "I need a man!"? Wasn't it just a week ago she was a funny eight-year-old, who wrote this note to her father after a spat with him? "Daddy, I'm so mad I could pulverize you. But I won't pulverize you, because you're my daddy and I love you." How and when did that cute, dimpled, chubby little girl with CheezeDoodles crumbs on her face become nearly a woman, with a guy interested in her?!

I am so not ready for this. At first, I just wanted to stick my fingers in my ears and singsong, "LA LA LA LA, I'M NOT LISTENING TO YOU." But now I think I'm handling it all pretty well. I'm being quite calm and rational, if I do say so myself. Of course, it helps that HYM lives over 1500 miles to the north of us.

..Oh no... I've just been informed that HYM may be making a trip to our home state this fall.

I've got to run. As soon as I finish this entry, I'm calling the White House and the National Guard with this plea: "Forget about troops and fences on the southern border! We need a 100 ft. wall on the entire northern border of Texas, ASAP!"

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