Wednesday, May 3, 2006


For the love of Pete, you'd think a person could get some appreciation and accolades around here for all their hard work on a certain beautiful purse. But, NOOOOO.

So now I'm forced to brag on a kid, and he's not even MY kid. Go see this blog. Jonathon is a fifteen year old young man who takes great photographs, raises tomatoes in his bedroom, and is astoundingly knowledgeable in the field of entomology. The photos of his moth collection took my breath away, and I don't even like moths.

Kids like this give me hope for the future. We need more Christian kids who will make an impact in the scientific community. We don't need more fifteen year olds like my son, who will probably make a literal impact by blowing something up.

P.S. Check out Jonathon's mom's blog, too. She has some great tips for creative writing. She actually gets paid to write, so she must know what she's talking about.

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