Friday, April 7, 2006

Is this a conspiracy?

This is turning into one of our more, uh, memorable vacations.

Today I took the kids to the beach. It was a lovely sunny day. We all sunscreened up with SPF 95 lotion and the children were in & out of the water until lunch time. My ten year old son's toenails haven't been this clean since he was born. I'm the only one who came home the color of a Big Boy tomato. Never one to do things normally, my sunburn came in stripes where I apparently missed applying sunscreen. Couple this look with my patched up glasses, and I look like some kind of computer geek in a technicolor zebra suit.

And as of this writing, my husband has been at the local emergency room for almost 2 hours. He came home from his day at an air show with a nasty eye problem that I won't describe here in case someone is reading over their breakfast cereal. He could have had a starring role in a movie about zombies, though. I thought about calling him "Igore," but I didn't think he'd find it humorous.

If things don't improve, tomorrow I expect to get plucked bald by a flock of rabid pelicans and then caught in the middle of a rioting group of angry bingo players.

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