Wednesday, April 5, 2006

If You Give TC A Vacation

If you give TC a vacation that starts on Wednesday, she will have a lot to do on Tuesday.

If she has a lot to do on Tuesday, she will give her kids the day off from school.

If she gives her kids the day off from school, the boys will get bored.

If they get bored, they will go out to hit some golf balls.

If they hit some golf balls, they will hit one that ricochets off a pole and goes through a bedroom window.

If a golf ball goes through the window, there will be a LOT of tiny shards of glass to vacuum up.

If TC needs to use the vacuum up the glass, it will not work.

If it will not work, TC will have to take it apart and fix it.

While she is fixing it, she will notice all the dog hair in it and remember she has to call the kennel.

When she calls the kennel, she will find out that her dogs need bordatella vaccines before they can be dropped off.

While she tries to figure out how to get the vaccines and take the dogs to the kennel on Wednesday before departure, her husband will ask her to take the van to the dealership because the "check engine" light is on.

When she starts to think about all she has to do in the morning, she will start to hyperventilate.

When she starts to hyperventilate, she will take off her glasses and promptly break off a nosepiece.

When she breaks the nosepiece off her glasses, she will think, "I need a vacation."

If you give TC a vacation....

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