Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Perhaps we need to work a little harder on vocabulary.

Conversation at my house today:

12 year old daughter: "What's it called, when people are stuck indoors all winter and they want to get out?"

15 year old son: "Dyslexia?"

Dyslexia = cabin fever. Hmm. This might explain why communicating with teenagers is so difficult. We're using the same language, but the words mean different things.

So when I say = they hear

Please clean the kitchen = play video games

Take out the trash = sit on your brother

Whose sock is this? = yes, you can eat a dozen cookies

Do your math = play video games

Set the table = teach the dog to howl the national anthem

Feed the dog = get on the roof

Put your clothes away = play video games

Where's the remote? = sure, we'll buy you a Corvette

ad infinitim....

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